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Charles Burns
Angel De La Calle
Diverso da me...
Glomp X
Christopher Hittinger
Gosia Machon
Hanneriina Moisseinen
Marino Neri
Thomas Ott
Fabio Sera - Coop for words

piazza del nettuno

panels with the authors:
friday 06.03, H 16.30 - Libreria Modo Infoshop (BlogMag panel)
friday 06.03, H 18 - Libreria Modo Infoshop
sunday 08.03, H 11 - Biblioteca Sala Borsa Auditorium

workshop for children:
saturday 07.03, H 16 - Biblioteca Sala Borsa

The Superamici (Super Friends) is a collective of young cartoonists born in late '70s, formed by the authors: Ratigher, Tuono Pettinato, Dr Pira, Maicol & Mirco and LRNZ. They had many experiences linked to underground comics and self-publishing before their union as a collective. The Superamici group published their works on many Italian magazines, collective books and anthologies like “Kerosene”, “Zero in condotta”, “Carta”, “Schizzo”, “Resistenze”, “Zero tolleranza”. Some of them publish their works on “XL Repubblica” for the IUK (International Urban Kulture) project every month. The “Superamici” launched “Hobby Comics” magazine, which includes the works of all members of the group. They made also a special number of the erotic monthly “X-Comics”, called “XZ-Comics”. Their works are different one from the other both for the style and for the content, but they are all characterized by a background of irony and a cynical view of the world. They will realize the main picture for the poster of Bilbolbul international comic festival reinterpretating the character invented by Attilio Mussino one hundred years ago, with the possibility to work on a project that let them free to devolope their own idea of it.

in collaboration with sismic sierre
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