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libreria feltrinelli
Piazza di Porta Ravegnana, 1
panel with the author:
saturday 07.03, H 16.30

Marino Neri was born in Modena in 1979. In spite of his youth and his recent appearance in the world of comics, Neri imposed himself thanks to his concise and expressive style, made of strong brush-strokes alternated to a majority of white spaces. He was rewarded at Festival di Lucerna in 2006 and he won Arena del Fumetto national contest. The jury of the Komikazen contest gave him a prize ex-aequo with Leonardo Guardigli in 2007. In the same year, the Ram Hotel gallery organized a personal exhibition called Il segreto dell’autocombustione(the secret of spontaneous combustion). After the publication of his works on the “Racconti illustrati spendibili” (Schiaffo Edizioni) and in magazines like “Hamelin”, “Nonzi”, “Monipodio”, “Arkitip”, “Rolling Stone”, he published his first book for Kappa Edizioni in 2008. Il re dei fiumi (The king of rivers) is the name of the exibithion that is going to be staged at the Feltrinelli bookshop in Piazza di Porta Ravegnana. The exhibition, in partnership with Mirada cultural association and Napoli Comicon, is showing a selection of tables of the homonymous book. Il re dei fiumi tells the story of Bruno, a child who finds in his garden the rests of an ancient skeleton. The story mixes the memories and the events of an infancy in the Po plain during the complete great overflow of the Secchia river, in Seventies. It’s a trip backwards, searching the really roots, seen with the eyes full of wonder of an eleven-year-old boy. The Il re dei fiumi exhibition, in collaboration with Feltrinelli, is being prepared at the 11th edition of the Napoli Comicon.

in collaboration with
librerie feltrinelli,
napoli comicon,
associazione culturale mirada
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