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hotel al cappello rosso
Via de Fusari, 9

opening with the author:
sunday 08.03, H 19

Hanneriina Sadetta Moisseinen was born in Joensuu, Finland, in 1978 and graduated in Visual Arts at Polytechnic University of Tampere in 2001. Her works are characterized by strong eclecticism and experimentation of different languages. She creates sculptures using paper, cloth, wood, stones, metals, always in a strict relationship with the environment which they are destined to. Moreover, she creates comics that narrate minimal stories of daily life, permeated by an abstract atmosphere. Finally, she makes watercolour paintings, using an ample brush-strokes technique. Moisseinen exposed her works in many personal and collective exhibitions in Finland, Lithuania, Esthonian, Russia, Faroe Islands, Bolivia and Argentine. She was also invited in Island, Spain and France to realize projects for artist’s residences. She won many prizes and recognitions and she published her works on North European magazines and anthologies. At Bilbolbul festival, her works will be exposed both in the collective exhibition Glömp X and in a personal, which is the result of an artist’s residence project at Al Cappello Rosso Hotel. In this place the author is going ro plan and realize an entire interior at her disposition.

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