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galleria stamperia d'arte squadro
Via Nazario Sauro, 27/b
opening with the author:
saturday 07.03, H 14

Gosia Machon was born in 1979 in Pszczyna, Poland, and she now lives and works in Amburgh. Machon attended an illustration course in Applied arts Academy in Amburgh and exposed her works in Switzerland, France, Germany and Japan. Moreover, she published her stories on important magazines such as “Strapazin” (Amtmanns Bär, 2008). She is the author of the books Hintergärten (Mami Verlag, Amburgo, 2008), Jeux Étranges (Éditions Être, Parigi, 2007), Sport (2006) and Weltende (2005). Machon’s work is characterized by an extremely concise and incisive sign and by a symbolic use of the colour near to fauve and naïf drives. Furthermore, her work delays to a primitive imaginary made of essential figures, often captured in static and iconic attitudes. Machon is having a personal exhibition during Bilbolbul festival in Galleria Stamperia d’arte Squadro, a laboratory interested in graphic experimentations, founded on the balance between being a printing office of art and a gallery of art. The exhibition is going to be the occasion to present, for the first time in Italy, a retrospective on the author's work and to produce a serigraphy catalogue based on Machon’s sketches.

by squadro galleria stamperia d'arte
in collaboration with istituto polacco di roma
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