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Charles Burns
Angel De La Calle
Diverso da me...
Glomp X
Christopher Hittinger
Gosia Machon
Hanneriina Moisseinen
Marino Neri
Thomas Ott
Fabio Sera - Coop for words

accademia di belle arti
Via delle Belle Arti, 54
panel with the authors and opening:
saturday 07.03, H 11.30

“Glomp” is a Finnish artistic project raised from the homonymous comic anthology coordinated by Tommi Musturi. In the last years the Finnish scene distinguished itself for a visual research with no equals in Europe. After the work of authors like Matti Hagelberg, Pentti Otsamo and Katja Tukiainen, who proposed a more artistic kind of comics in Nineties, and after the laboratory of “Sarjakuvastin” magazine, a new type of anthologies was born, like “Glomp”, “Laikku” and “Napa”. This new generation of artists and publications is free, more influenced by contemporary arts and other cultural scopes. Even some authors more linked to storytelling – like Marko Turunen, Aapo Rapi, Amanda Vähämäki and Jyrki Heikkinen – demonstrated a strong sensibility for visual art and graphic research. In particular, their inspirations are Bergman, Roopo Eroneen, Jyrki Nissinen and Pirustuskerho, but a greater inspiration comes from American authors like Gary Panter, Brian Chippendale, Matt Brinkman and Paper Rad, or some editorial projects like “Kramers Ergot” and “Picture Box”. Glömp X< is the name of the exhibition staged in Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna, which is accompanied by the last issue of the magazine. It is a multimedia-exhibition, not only with comic tables but also video installations and music. All the works were produced during a series of workshops which involved 15 comic artists, 2 collectives of animation and 4 composers. The main purpose is to tell a story in a 3-dimensional way discerning all the potentialities of the comic language through new materials (sounds and pictures), typology of stories (standing and animated images) and decks (wood, paperboard, cardboard, glass, resin, glazed paper and textures). In this way, the audience is stimulated to live a full perceptive experience. Two of Glömp authors are going to attend Bilbolbul in Bologna: Tommi Musturi, the inventor and coordinator of the project, and Hanneriina Moisseinen, an artist whom is also dedicated a personal show during the festival.

You can see the work in progress of the project at the website:http://www.boingbeing.com/G10/

in collaboration with
finnish fine arts academy foundation,
national council for design,
ambasciata di finlandia
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