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Charles Burns
Angel De La Calle
Diverso da me...
Glomp X
Christopher Hittinger
Gosia Machon
Hanneriina Moisseinen
Marino Neri
Thomas Ott
Fabio Sera - Coop for words

Biblioteca sala borsa auditorium - urban center
Piazza del nettuno, 3
opening and prize awarding:
wednesday 04.03, H 12.30 - Biblioteca Sala Borsa Auditorium

Flashfumetto (www.flashfumetto.it) is a web portal created in Bologna totally dedicated to comics. It includes works by professional authors and young artists based in Bologna’s province and this year it's promoting Moving Pixel, a national contest opened to all the young artists. The first edition of the contest was a great success thanks to the participation of over 80 artists from all parts of Italy. The aim of the contest is to play and to experiment with the codes and rules of the comic language. Last year, 30 minuti in 2000 pixel (30 minutes into 2000 pixels) contest examined the time representation in a fixed space. This year, the participants have to create a file of the same format (2000 pixels) and have to represent the theme of movement – a little movement or a long action – without limits of technique, content or style. During the Bilbolbul festival, Flashfumetto is going to present an exhibition, taking place in Urban Center inside Sala Borsa, based on a selection of works received by the website. The best works taking part to the contest, are going to be awarded during the opening day of the exhibition.

by flashfumetto
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