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istituto storico parri
Via S. Isaia, 18
opening with the author:
sunday 08.03, H 14

panel with the author:
saturday 07.03, H 11 - Libreria Feltrinelli Ravegnana

Angel de la Calle was born in the late Fifties in Molinillo de la Sierra, Spain, and he started his career in the late Seventies on “Star” magazine. He published his works on many magazines in Spain and in foreign countries (“Bésame Mucho”, “Rambla”, “Zona 84”, “El Víbora”, “Tung Metal”, “Fantastik”, “Heavy Metal”). In Nineties he continued producing comics, illustrations, storyboards, didactic materials and also comic-strips that appeared on many Spanish newspapers. After an accurate documentation, in 2002 de la Calle published Modotti, una protagonista del secolo breve, a Tina Modotti’s biography. This work was candidate for the best work and the best script prizes at Salòn de Barcelona and it won the prize of critics in 2005. In the same year, the Brazilian edition won the prize for the better publishing surprise in Brazil. The story tells the adventures that led a young Italian girl to emigrate from Udine to United States, where she became an actress. She moved then to Mexico with Edward Weston and she became a photographer. What is more, she agreed at the Communist party and lived the experience of the Spanish Civil War. The exhibition staged at Istituto Storico Parri will show a selection of tables treated by the two volumes of de la Calle’s graphic novel, original sketches and photos took by Tina Modotti during her stay in Mexico. Angel de la Calle is not only a comics author, but also the co-director of the comic analytic magazine “Dentro de la Viñeta”, the creator of Jornadas Internacionales del Comic in Villa de Avilés and the responsible, since 20 years, of the comics activities during the Semana Negra in Gijón.

in collaboration with istituto cervantes di milano
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