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Born in 1963 in Norway, Nielsen is an artist and illustrator known for his peculiar style and for his critical, satirical and subversive perspective on contemporary society.
He started self-publishing his own comics in 1980, and soon became a legend of underground Norwegian comics, thanks not only to his comic books but also to three 3D animation series and Friday Night Fever, a 2D animation movie that made Nielsen win the Audience Award at Oslo Animation Festival in 1996, and gain a mention of honour at Short Film Festival the same year.
To Trotte Typer (Two Wasted Wankers), the most popular comic by Nielsen, became a television series in 2000. It describes the boring life of Odd and Geir, two criminals acting in the streets of Oslo.
The author put the two of them, but even many other characters created in the last years, in Free Jimmy, first 3D animation movie of Norwegian cinematography, winner of many awards, such as Best film at Amanda 2006, Best Feature at International Animate Film Festival of AnnËcy 2007.
The exhibition, brought to Italy thanks to Thomas Martinelli and the Norwegian Embassy, is going to show Nielsen’s books, original artwork, sketches, drawings and even album cover art.
in collaboration with Norwegian embassy and Cineteca di Bologna
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