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Born in 1963 in Milano, she’s one of the most cultured and tasteful European comic authors. She started publishing her works in 1984 on “Alter Alter”, and since then on a lot of different Italian and international magazines as “Frigidaire”, “Dolce Vita”, “Strapazin”, “L’echo des Savanes”, “Nova Express”, “Frigobox”, and “Black”.
She created three graphic novels: Silent Blanket, Hanno aspettato un po’ poi se ne sono andate and Sous les feuilles.
She also collaborates as an illustrator with the principal Italian newspapers, magazines and publishers: Einaudi, Feltrinelli, Internazionale, Il Manifesto, La Repubblica, Il Sole 24 Ore, Mondadori, Il Melangolo, Condè Nast, Seuil, “Linea d’ombra”, Lo Straniero, “Teléma”, Baldini & Castoldi, “Art’è”, “Urban”, MinimumFax, EditoriRiuniti.
For the last years, she has been drawing illustrations for childhood. She created Milo, a little bunny who is the principal character of many illustrated books, and also of a cartoon played by Rai 3 and France 5.
As a designer, she drew carpets and cloths for Alchimia and Memphis, and objects for Alessi and Swatch.
She’s now working on Interiorae, a graphic novel published by Coconino Press, a story that recalls the novel Life: A usuer’s manual by George Perec. In Interiorae the lifes of the inhabitants of a big apartment block entwine the ones to the others. The exhibition is inspired by this concept, and is going to underline the particular way Gabriella Giandelli represents interior spaces in which objects become the main characters, and seem to rise to life.
The exhibition is taking place in the artists’ residence Nosadella Due.
in collaboration with Nosadella due
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