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Christophe Blain was born in 1970 in Gennevilliers. He’s one of the most important authors of the contemporary French comic scene.
Strongly affected in his consideration of adventure thematics by the navy military service, in 1997 he drew his first book, La rëvolte d’Hop-Frog (wrote by David B.), published by Dargaud.
He collaborated with famous authors as Sfar and Trondheim, drawing some episodes of Donjon Potron-Minet. His first work as a complete author was Le reducteur de vitesse, a story just about the period in which the author attended the navy military service.
In 2001 he started the Isaac le pirate series, that won the award as Best book of the year at Angouléme comic festival. Since 2002 he has been working also on the Socrate le demi-chien series, written by Sfar. His last work is Nathalie, first episode of the Gus series, a humoristic western, with a mood a là Woody Allen.
He collaborated with the principal French publishers, realizing drawings and illustrations.
Christophe Blain’s work inheritates the important tradition of adventure comics and literature, and actualizes it thanks to characters that are nothing more than common people managing to survive to particolar and strange situations.
Blain’s style is somehow minimal, due to his synthetic stroke and to his lifeful colors.
A spontaneous and instinctive way of drawing that makes the cinematic motion effect of his sequences grow more important from panel to panel.
As a matter of fact, all the exhibition arranged in Palazzo Poggi is going to focus on the adventure thematic, used by the author in many different ways, throught out his works.
In collaboration with Museo di Palazzo Poggi, maison franšaise e Fumetto Luzern
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