November 29 – December 1, 2019

The main theme of the 13th edition of BilBOlbul International Comics Festival is displacement.

Displacement is a prominent condition of contemporary life, and it can manifest in various forms: loss of historical memory, mass migrations, conflicted relationships with the places we inhabit, and a general crisis of imagination that makes it difficult to envision a viable future.
But when all certainty crumbles, new possibilities arise. Even artistic possibilities.

BilBOlbul 2019

The guest artists selected for this edition of BilBOlbul have all worked on the concept of displacement, each from their own unique perspective.

Together, their works compose a visual itinerary that seeks to explore a theme by mixing different styles, languages and artistic means.

On this page you will only find talks, workshops and other events for the English speaking audience.
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