Alberto Breccia

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Alberto Breccia has been a master of the language of comics. He was one of the first artists to make graphic novels when graphic novels did not even exist. He experimented with painting, collage and image editing. He looked into the depths of the human mind as well as into the atrocities commited by dictatorships, then Hhe came back from those depths to tell the story of what he saw with his art, while always managing to entertain the reader.


Alberto Breccia. Il signore delle immagini

30th November 2019 - 7th January 2020 | Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravennaopening 30th November h 12 pm


29th Novembre h 11 am | Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna - Aula Magna

with Vittorio Giacopini, José Muñoz, Daniele Brolli, Enrico Fornaroli

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Alberto Breccia was born in Uruguay. At the age of seventeen, he had already published illustrations in magazines such as Tit-Bits, El Gorrion and Rataplan. In 1957, he met the writer Héctor German Oesterheld, with whom he created the Mort Cinder series, considered one of his masterpieces. He co-founded the Panamerican School of Arts in Buenos Aires. His work became increasingly popular in Europe as well: he wrote stories for Italian magazines like Linus, Alter Alter, Il Mago and Linus  as well as Métal Hurlant, Charlie Mensuel, Phénix and B.D. in France. He made comics adaptation of Lovecraft’s stories, Edgar Allan Poe’s poems and traditional fairy tales, perfectly conveying their dark tone with his black and white realistic style.
In 1984 he created Perramus, with writer Juan Sasturain, to illustrate the most disturbing chapters of Argentine history. Alberto Breccia has been an incredibly influential artist, not just in the comics field but in literature and cinema as well.