Julie Maroh | Corpi sonori (Sonic bodies)

Oct. 26th – Nov. 26th | ZOO
Opening on October 26th, 7.30PM

Corpi sonori (Sonic bodies) is not simply an exhibition, nor just a bok, but it is a map above everything. It is no coincidence that it was born out of a relocation and a four-month residence in Montreal between 2013 and 2014. When in a new place we need to orient ourselves, to learn how to inhabit the place where we are. We cannot live without inhabiting. And to inhabit a closed space is not enough, it takes a system of relationships. There is no home without an outside, there is no us without the others. In twenty-one tales Julie Maroh explores the attempts of men and women, young and old, friends and lovers to find a place in the world. She flies over the city and gets respectfully closer to the destinies of single characters, breathing their fears and hopes, pleasures and sorrows, meetings and abandonments. And she does it calibrating the resources of comics language with great skill, working on rhythm and framing, dialogues, and silences. It comes out of an atlas that, while setting the goal of showing the many forms of love, has nothing to do and learns about the variety of solutions that each of us finds to live, to feel unique. The result is an atlas that,  despite being aimed at portraying love’s various shapes, has nothing didactic and manages to grasp the variety of solutions that each of us finds to live, to feel unique. 

Born in northern France in 1985, Julie Maroh graduated from the Saint Luc comic school in Brussels and at the Fine Arts Academy. Her debut graphic novel of 2010, Blue is a warm color, received a lot of attention, including the Audience Award at the Angoulême Festival and a cinematographic adaptation with La Vie d’Adèle, Palme d’Or at the 2013 Festival of Cannes. On the same year she published her second graphic nove, Skandalon. . Go back to the topic of sexual and gender diversity with City & Gender in 2014 and lately with Sonic Corps. She comes back to the themes of sexual diversity and gender issues in City & Gender in 2014 and lately in Sonic Bodies.