Stefano Pilia | Cinetti in Barattolo

Nov. 23 – Dec. 5 | Barattolo
Opening on November 23rd 7PM,
curated by Camilla Mele

Stefano Pilia, known with his pen name Cinetti, hails from Sardinia but has been living in Bologna for many years, teaching English in high school and always drawing comics and single tables.
He took part to the last three editions of Cheap festival and in 2017, with renovation works still underway, his animals ended up on the walls of Zakula Castle, a picturesque underground expo-housing complex in the suburbs of Milan.

Cinetti in Barattolo is his first solo exhibition, displaying recent works of illustrations and finished comics.
In an original and clean style, Cinetti’s stories present excerpts from a routine churned by existential reflections that point to a multifaceted everyday life, on the verge between the dreamlike and the material, and to an imaginary that analyzes and decomposes reality.
In his single tables he takes apart humans, plants, animals and objects alike, breaking them up and recombining them, reinventing new morphic equilibria.