Portfolio Review

Saturday, November 25th – Sunday, November 26th
in collaboration with Institut Française Italia

Saturday, November 25th, and Sunday, November 26th, BilBOlbul will give the possibility to receive a specialised opinion about your professional path, during an individual meeting with three personalities of Italian and international editorial world:

Nejib Gallimard,
Ratigher Coconino Press Fandango,
Johanna Maierski Colorama

The festival will carry out a pre-selection of all the portfolios received so to give a chance to all the selected people to meet the best interlocutor respectively for their own work.
To participate it is necessary to send a pdf portfolio to the email address festival@bilbolbul.net not later than Thursday, November 9th, indicating which of the three guests you want to meet. The festival will try to consider the preferences of participants, trying to connect them with qualities and directions of their own works.

Comics section: it is necessary to send a minimum of 10 comic pages, or, in case of book projects, a subject or a completed sequence (minimum 5 pages) in pdf.

The festival will get in touch only with the selected participants by email and not later than Tuesday, November 21st.