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November 18th – 19th, 10am – 1pm  • 2pm – 6pm | Inuit Printshop

Interaction between two printing techniques. First, we print in risograph, and then we put serigraph on it.

During the workshop, every participant will be projecting and printing in 25 enumerated copies a double-coloured A4 poster composed by a first level printed in riograph and a second one printed in serigraph. The class is aimed to provide all the base printing instruments through the analysis of two important techniques which are fundamental in the environments of self-handling and on-line sale.
All the posters realised during the workshop will be part of an exhibition which will be set up in the spaces of Inuit Printshop during BBB’s days.

The 15-hour class is divided in two days of workshop.

Saturday morning, which will be curated by Elisa Talentino, will be entirely dedicated to the design of an illustration: all the main techniques for the realisation of images will be presented through the vision of examples, paper materials, films and direct demonstrations, so to use in the best manner the potentialities of risograph printing and seripgraph printing (features of opaque and transparent colours, halftone screens, photographs, how to avoid out of print logs, pastel and brush graphics, etc.).
It will be possible to experiment painting techniques directly on acetate with ink and incisions.
Starting from early afternoon, you will start printing the first layer of the image using riograph printing. On this printing you will create the die for the second layer of the image and you will set up the serigraphic framework for the second colour which will be printed in serigraph.
A booklet with all the indications necessary for the creation of an image will be provided during the class.

To whom it is aimed:
The workshop is aimed at illustrators, graphic designers and creatives in general.

All the materials, except for the drawing ones necessary for the first planning step, will be provided during the class; therefore, each participant will have to bring by himself the instruments usually used to draw, such as pencils, pastels, painting brushes, drawing sheets or sketch books.
A scanner and a light table will be at your disposal.

160€ per person
150€ for enrolments by October 31st
280€ for 2 people

To be enrolled it is necessary to deposit the complete enrolment amount. In case of cancellation by a week before the workshop, the amount will be returned entirely; in case of cancellation with less of a week of notice, only 50% of the amount will be returned.
Info: learn@inuitbookshop.com
Payment by Paypal. It is necessary to wait for the confirmation email before proceeding with payment.