Cadavre Exquis #0

November 23 – 30 | Poco Ma Buono
Opening on Nov. 23, 6.30 pm

Artists: Chiara Abastanotti, Alberto Cosenza, Roberta Garzillo, Danilo Manzi, Giovanni Nardone.

Cadavre Exquis #0 is a game, the first step of an experiment born almost by chance. The five artists, who work together freely and without mediations, have taken surrealist cadaver exquis as a model for their personal magazine. Absurd stories, made of different techniques and styles, are the final result. Cadavre exquis are the model and the main theme, with their creepy stories and pictures representing death with humor.
Editorial, index, advertisements, colums in the magazine are realistic, and even the readers have been invented. Various materials have been used: paper, glue, magazines, acrylics, brushes, pencils, pens. The magazine is an original work, an artists’ book, made of original stiched up drawings and hand- written texts. For this printed limited edition we have preserved the idea of the unique copy, and reduced editing and working in digital.

Video Mapping by Sara Aretino for the opening event

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