Banana Oil | Split! Banana Oil comics

November 23 – December 27 | Berberè
Opening November 23, h 6:00 pm

Banana Oil is project, born in 2017 and run by Matteo Gaspari, intending to widen the debate and spread a critical thought on the comics through the publication of an on-line magazine, that you can read online on It contains essays, interviews and theme reading paths.
Furthermore, we believe that the best way to promote the culture of good comics is to propose and, hence, to share good comics. Beside the critical essay-writing production, Banana Oil selects and publishes comics stories online, that are relatively short, of both Italian and foreign authors that we believe are worth being read.

Split!, the exhibition that we have organized in pizzeria Berberé, unifies two souls of the magazine: the criticism and the stories. The illustrations by Martoz, Eliana Albertini, Giovanni Nardone and Marco Nucci, Aniss el Hamouri and Max de Radiguès are combined with extracts and quotations taken by our articles or our interviews.