Otto Gabos | Rivoluzioni

November 23rd – December 7th | Libreria Ubik Irnerio
Opening on November 23RD, h 6pm

Rivoluzioni is an exhibition of selected high-quality prints taken from novel illustrations of the homonymous book series published by Libri Volanti for Istos. The idea Teresa Porcella comes up with is to tell people about the revolutions, from the historical revolutions to the social ones, and it is aimed not only at young people. The format contains an equal proportion of words and images, both following a single narrative flow. Otto Gabos is the illustrator for this book series and he has worked with Marcello Fois and Alberto Marsala for “La formula esatta della rivoluzione”, set during the period of the storming of the Bastille; with Beniamino Sidotti for “Odeon Camperon”, a book set during the mexican revolution, and with Janna Carioli for “La stella rossa di Ivan”, that takes place in Moscow during the days of Lenin’s funeral. The graphic challenge is to reinvent the mark to each novel keeping the style intact. The use of materials that are apparently simple, like graphite, pastels and smudge, becomes a chance of experimentation, which enriches itself by using of a two-colour print that proves to be extraordinarily versatile both from the emotional and expressive point of view.
Beside the exhibition, there will be an evening meeting with the authors that will tell and read some selected texts from the novels.