Giorgio Bartocci | Ingranaggi emotivi

Nov 12 – Dec 30 | Galleria Portanova12
Opening November 17th , 5PM

For his personal exhibition – that will take place at Galleria d’Arte Portanova12 in Bologna – Giorgio Bartocci reshapes the “Ingranaggi emotivi”, the “prime mover” which forms the basis of our interior universe, through his own symbolic iconography. The clear distinction between abstract and figurative is fundamental in his latest productions, characterised by his contemporary muralist gestures, which are a crucial element also for the composition of masses on canvas. In fact, his artworks for “Ingranaggi emotivi” are less stratified than usual – characterised by clear shapes and bold texture – as if this is a return to roots with a new kind of awareness. An innovative synthesis of shape and substance. So if, on the one hand, the artist refers to one of his leitmotiv – that is to say the relationship between modern man and his territories, the limits and the borders – on the other hand, the artworks he realizes are vertically structured, as if they were monoliths and obelisks – which are a metaphor for the instinctive human need of creating huge artworks since the dawn of time, in order to make a connection between his own habitat and his spirituality.
Whether figurative or abstract, all is about “Ingranaggi emotivi” that are set in motion ad hoc through the artist’s gestures that create soft “organic” silhouettes – on a par with interior journeys, instinctive labyrinths and unconscious labyrinths – together with key details, which are small but vital mechanisms and connections, déjà vu of modern links and networks. There will be one scene on which the typical greyscale of urban panoramas prevails, together with a few key colours that were inspired by Bologna – in tribute to one of the most significative cities for the history of the Italian muralism.

Giorgio Bartocci studied graphic design and visual communication at I.S.I.A. in Urbino, he realized several visual-design projects, exhibitions and live-performances, as well as commissions for private companies and national and international public institutions. He currently lives and works in Milan. “Torn between urban-art and product-design, Giorgio Bartocci almost unknowingly expresses a creative tension, that springs from constant inputs of the contemporary society. Always engaged in his figurative interaction between complex urban structures and their social contexts, Giorgio recreates on walls and canvas a symbolic synthesis of those liquid modernity’s surreal routines that surround us. In his artworks, that are at times abstract, – to decode – there are some humanoid characters, like “primitives of the future”, floating at the mercy of meet-and-greets in stratified scenarios and multifaceted realities. The choice of shadings, overlap, sub-tiers, silhouettes, signs and symptoms is never random. The tension which the artist creates is the same tension in which we live. Bertocci’s creative tension, thanks to his personal iconography, that is evocative and intimate like a forbidden desire, pays off”.

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