Dario Sostegni | Sempre insieme

November 23rd – December 10th | URCA Studio
Opening on November 23rd, 6PM

Sempre Insieme (Always Together, Canicola) marks Dario Sostegni’s debut in the traditional pubilishing industry, beyond the zines and comics already self-produced with Doner Club, a very young independent project born within the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.
The exhibition, hosted by URCA Studio, presents the original tables of Sempre Insieme, which tells through viscous pencil marks a story of everyday life and laziness entangled with feelings of suspicion and anxiety both as strong and elusive.
This narration fosters the emergence of the author’s world, together with Doner’s one: a world made of nearly symbiotic relations, of internet and of references deeply rooted in a mass culture to be absorbed and twisted out in a desecrating yet loving way.