GRRRz Comic Art Books - SIDO | Pubblicare come un’artista – undici anni di GRRRzetic

November 23rd – January 5th | Adiacenze
Opening on November 23rd, 7PM. In presence of Silvana Ghersetti and Andrea Benei.

On the occasion of BilBOlbul 2017, the publishers GRRRz Comic Art Books and SIDO promote the exhibition “Publish as an Artist – 11 Years of GRRRzetic”, which inaugurates at the launch of the festival on November 23rd.
The exhibition will feature GRRRetic’s  funding member Silvana Ghersetti ‘s work, and the history of her publishing house, an authoritative forge of great names and of some of the most important debuts in the field of comics and artistic illustration.
In a wunderkammer set up with GRRRz’s memorabilia, the audience will freely navigate through posters, gadgets, curiosities, life, memories, narrative and, of course, books, authentic artifacts of crazy paperwork and farsighted vision.
The intention of the exhibition, as devised by SIDO and GRRRz, is also to tell the nature of Ghersetti’s work, that is, the vision of publishing as an artistic practice.
The presentation of the first volume by SIDO, the publishing house founded by the other half of GRRRz, Andrea Benei, will enrich the exhibition. Benei illustrates the innovative choices and the life of this editorial reality, unpaired in our current landscape, from is private, priviledged perspective.