Various authors | Case Brade

Nov 18th – Jan 27th | Blu Gallery
Opening on November 18th, 6PM
Curated by Nicola Alessandrini
Text by Marco Taddei

Claudia Palmarucci, Lisa Gelli, Marie Cécile, Marco Filicio Marinangeli, Tommy gun Moretti, Lorenzo Bartolucci.

“A domestic home is steady and calm. Untamed houses burn the grass in forrest gardens running at the first light. That is why we can not live in them. We will try to capture them with ancient instruments such as words and images, and with the comparison between these and those, but we must be content with the weaker specimens, the healthy and strong ones are too fast and they watch us from the darkness on the top of the hills.” (M Taddei)
Six designers and a writer, all belonging to that cultural amalgam which is at the origin of Ratatà Festival in Macerata,  but all independently and heavily embedded in the national and international artistic landscape, will approach a tight and unpredictable dialogue between text, images and suggestions , for an exhibition and a book telling of wild homes and loss of domesticity.